Combipro Sterilizer


  • Combination Steripro (vacuum), Ventipro (Steam-Air Mixture) and Aquapro (Water Cascade) process built into one sterilizer

  • Allows for programming any type of cycle or any combination of cycles

  • Available with industry standard PLC’s with 21 CFR, Part 11 Compliancy

Combipro Sterilizer

All Possible Cycles

BMT Combipro Sterilizers are designed for sterilization of almost any product or container. It is equipped with a vacuum pump for effective sterilization of dry goods, a fan system for sterilization utilizing the steam-air-mixture process and water recirculation pipework for water cascade process. Ideal for contract manufactures enabling sterilization of almost any product or process development centers for establishing the optimum process for any given container. Combipro sterilizer can be equipped with the necessary ports and controls to sterilize utilize gas such as H2O2 for sterilization of heat sensitive containers. BMT Combipro Steam Sterilizers are available in almost any size and capacity.