Electric Heated Pure & Clean Steam Generators


  • Pyrogen separation device built-in for pure steam applications

  • Available in capacities from 50 lbs\hr up to 1000 lbs\hr.

  • Allen Bradley or Siemens Industrial PLC control systems

  • 316L Stainless steel construction including feed water piping, heating elements, vessel and pure steam piping

  • All sanitary construction with sanitary fittings for feed water, heating elements and pure or clean steam

  • Available feed water and pure\clean steam monitoring and recording

Electric Heated Pure & Clean Steam Generators

Stripping Away Impurities

BMT Electric Pure and Clean Steam Generators are equipped with sanitary ASME pressure vessels made from 316lL stainless steel. All connections on the vessel including he heating elements are sanitary and sloped drain. Piping in contact with feed water and clean steam is 316L with sanitary components and connections. The heating elements are made are made from 316L stainless steel for long service life. Three phase voltage assures fast heat up and fast recovery. Voltages can be specified at time of order. The units are equipped with an automatic timed blow-down system that carries any impurities to drain. If pure steam is required a steam separator is included which directs the steam in a rigorous path where any impurities or remaining moisture is stripped off from the steam and lead to drain. When condensed the Pure Steam will meet Water-for-Injection standards.

BMT Pure and Clean Steam Generators are available in almost any size and capacity. Download our brochure for further details.