Incubators: Temperature Control – Friocell EVO

Friocell EVO – Freeze Thaw Chambers

  • Patented forced air convection system for precise uniformity achieved through vertical & horizontal air flow

  • Temperature range from -20°C to 100°C

  • 304 AISI Stainless steel chamber

  • 5.7” LCD, icon driven, touch screen controller

  • Double Wall Chamber: Main seamless with rounded corners and inner chamber is removable for cleaning and sterilization

  • Inner glass door, seals inner chamber fully

  • ICH Q1A stability test, full conformity

  • ICH Q1B photo stability with addition of lighting

  • 4 point locking door, with hands free opening and closing

  • 5 layers of insulation, including 2” of rockwool

  • Shelf brackets do not penetrate the main chamber walls and shelf brackets are molded into the inner chamber walls

Control Incubators
Chamber Volumes
55 – 2 ft3
111 – 4 ft3
222 – 8 ft3
404 – 14.3 ft3
707 – 25 ft3
1212 – 43 ft3


Tests of photostability according to ICH 279/95 Option 2, quality tests of pharmaceutical raw materials

Growth Studies

Germination studies, green plant growth. Carbon Dioxide studies

Coatings: Paints, Stain, Varnishes

Paints stability testing – resistance to UV and VIS lighting


Durability testing, testing of cosmetic products or primary materials stability

Friocell EVO- Freeze Thaw Chambers

Patented Bi-Directional Air Movement System