Lytzen Class 5 (100)

Depyrogenation Ovens


  • The fully welded chamber is also welded to the outside cladding. No cover plates are used to hide sheet

  • Connections in the door frame, eliminating hidden crevices where particles and bacteria could generate and grow.

  • Fully welded chamber, no screws or rivets are used, making the chamber easy to clean

  • Class 5 compliance throughout the complete cycle, tested and documented before delivery of every sterilizer.

  • No temperature ramping is needed providing for short cycle times.

  • Guaranteed temperature distribution without any need for adjustments.

  • High quality performance with low maintenance cost and reliable production.

  • Only the highest grade components and instruments are used

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

Lytzen class 5 (100) Depyrogenation Ovens

Class 5

Lytzen ISO Class 5 Dry Heat Ovens are designed for critical depyrogenation applications in clean room areas. ISO Class 5 (class 100) conditions are guaranteed throughout the cycle, including heating-up and cooling with exposure temperatures up to 280 C without the need for ramping the heating or cooling. This feature greatly enhances the speed of the overall cycle allowing for more throughput per day. Lytzen sterilizers conform to the requirements of current Good Manufacturing Practices (FDA 21 CFR part 210/211) ISO 14644-1 (part 1) Class 5 for classification of air cleanliness (former class 100 according to US Federal Standard 209E) as well as ISO 14644-2 (part 2) for specification for testing and monitoring to prove continued compliance with ISO 14644-1 Lytzen Depyrogenation Ovens (Dry Heat Sterilizers) are available with either Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC based control systems Lytzen Class 5 Depyrogenation ovens are available in a number of different sizes and configurations. Download our brochure for further details.