Clean Steam Generator

BMT Steam Generators are designed to provide Pure or Clean Steam and to meet the US FDA cGMP guidelines. These units can be purchased as stand-alone units to be used as a central source for multiple applications or can be built-in to BMT Steam Sterilizers for an integral solution. BMT clean steam generators can be electrically heated or heated by steam to steam. If you have questions, or want further purchasing information, regarding our BMT pure or clean steam generators, please reach out to our team at BMT USA

Electric Pure Steam Generators and Clean Steam Generators

BMT Electric Pure Steam Generators & Electric Clean Steam Generators are equipped with sanitary ASME pressure vessels made from 316lL stainless steel. All connections on the vessel including the heating elements are sanitary and sloped drain. Piping in contact with feed water and clean steam is 316L with sanitary components and connections.

Steam-to Steam Pure Steam Generators and Clean Steam Generators

BMT steam-to-steam Pure Steam Generators and Clean Steam Generators utilize plant steam as the heating source to produce pure or clean steam. The tube and shell heat exchanger is made from 316L stainless steel and can be built in single-tube-sheet or double-tube-sheet construction. The shell side of the evaporator is filled with plant steam providing heat to the evaporator tubes. The tubes are filled up to approximately 40% from the bottom with feed water. As the feed water is heated and evaporates, it travels up the tubes where additional heat removes any moisture.

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