Climacell EVO & Climacell – Food, Beverage Science


  • Patented forced convection air system for precise uniformity achieved with vertical & horizontal air flow

  • EVO: 0°C above ambient to 100°C

  • EVO: Option for temperature down to -20°C

  • Climacell: 0°C above ambient to 99.9°C

  • Climacell: Option for temperature down to -10°C

  • Humidity from 10 – 95%

  • Humidity controllable in 1% increments

  • Active dehumidification

  • 304 AISI Stainless steel chamber

  • EVO: 5.7” LCD, icon driven, touch screen controller

  • Climacell: LED Comfort Controller

  • Double Wall Chamber: Main seamless with rounded corners and inner chamber is removable for cleaning and sterilization

  • Water tank with pump for RO water supply

  • Waste water vessel water pump to remove condensate

  • 4 point locking door, with hands free opening & closing

  • 5 layers of insulation

  • Shelf brackets that do not penetrate the chamber walls, brackets are molded into inner chamber walls

  • ICH Q1A stability test, full conformity

  • ICH Q1B photo stability with addition of lighting


Simulating environmental conditions for agricultural applications; germination, Arabidopsis, plant growth, plant tissue culture, crops and fruits 

Food Science, Beverage, Packaging & Technology
Stability testing and photo stability testing of food products including shelf life studies. Stability and durability testing of dairy, juices, soft drinks, waters, beer, wine, distilled products including packaging.

Friocell EVO 707.jpg

Climacell EVO 707 (25 ft3)

Friocell EVO 222 Side facing.jpg

Climacell EVO 222

Chamber Volumes
111 – 4 ft3
222 – 8 ft3
404 – 14.3 ft3
707 – 25 ft3
1212 – 43 ft3 (EVO only)